Summit 2019

The Summit Themed: ‘’TOWARDS ACHIEVING THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS (SDGS): WHAT IS A SUCCESSFUL MULTI-SECTORAL APPROACH TO EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT EDUCATION AND YOUTH VOCATIONAL TRAINING?’’ building on the discussions from the 5th Annual Summit 2018 held in Mombasa, will focus on what constitutes comprehensive, multi-sectoral, and good quality ECDE and Youth Vocational Training services leading to the holistic development of young children and Youth.

It will provide an opportunity and platform for more than 250 participants including Law/Policy makers, Elected Politicians, Government Ministers, Researchers and scholars, Students, Teachers and Education development partners within the Republic of Kenya and the invited Guest to debate, discuss and do an inquiry into the state of early childhood education and youth vocational training in the Republic of Kenya, including information on program development and evaluations, service delivery, public policy initiatives, and a presentation of challenges in the future of early childhood education and youth vocational training services within the 47 Counties for the best interest of the Kenya Child.

The Summit will provide stronger focus on generating successful multi-sectoral programme models and good practices based on the experiences in designing and implementing ECDE and Youth Vocational Training/Empowerment programmes, especially those which are being implemented on large-scale (or in the process of scaling-up) with strong leadership and/or support from the Government.

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